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There seems to be a common thread about how women have felt and the changes that they have made during the process of adding a baby into their already busy life. To help to understand these processes I have sought the expert opinion and input from the following people.

Psychology of having a baby – Carly Wemyss, iBirth Australia
Pregnancy is more than just physical changes, your head is starting to be rewired also. How? Why?
Those first hours / days after birth you will experience high levels of emotion – more powerful than anything else. Why? How do you cope? Side-effects of this.

As your baby grows and develops your mind does too.  Coping with the changes that your child goes through? Changes you need to make?

Mindfullness -= ‘relaxed mother’ – Theresa Haupt, Orange Hope
The benefits to you and your baby/ies for being in the moment.

Babies/children progress through their lifecycle – need to enjoy that time

The benefits to your business in being relaxed.

How meditation/mindfulness can help you and your brain be a better mum and better business person.

Moving to a ‘new you’ with confidence and clarity.

The role of ‘mother’ – Ischa Ropert, Coach
As your family dynamic changes as do the roles in the household.  These changes usually impact both/all parents.

Do they naturally occur? What if people are fighting the role that is ‘assumed’ of them? Is one role correct for every ‘mother’? How do you find a role that is right for you and your family?

Finding a new identity after baby – Jeanette Dalgliesh, Identity Shift Ninja
The process of becoming a new person/taking a new identity? The difference when that new identity is ‘sprung on you’ un-expectantly – in this instance when your hormones/emotions tell you that you are mum and need to nurture/protect.

Not losing your identity – ‘becoming x’s mum’ -  holding onto some of your pre-mum identity or recreating yourself. Finding the balance.

Managing neurological changes that happen with having a baby and the need to retain or recreate your own identity.

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