Monday, 15 January 2018

Plan for a successful 2018

New Years Eve resolutions are a funny thing - often made up on the spot - and not robust enough to last the year. I don't make them anymore preferring instead to set goals for myself and then break them down into actions that I can achieve on a daily basis.

Are you already working on your 2018 goals?

Possibly, your end of 2017 was so full on you missed the chance to stop and think about it - take our planning challenge to help you

Maybe you have started the year and already being sidetracked into other people's priorities and losing focus on your own goals. Do you need some accountability in the mix of support?

Are you still lucky enough to be on holidays. Spending time with your children, hopefully resting. Are you excited about jumping back into your business and reaching your goals. Seeing the opportunities that come to you this year, how you will grow and how your business will grow.

Whatever state you are in at the moment, here are my tips to making sure you stay focused all year long:

1. Be connected to your goals - they need to excite you and inspire you
2. Have conversations with trusted people to always improve your goals
3. Ask for help when things get too much - automate or outsource
4. Be accountable - find a group or person who will keep you accountable to what you say you are going to do
5. Use a planner. Break the goals down into quarterly, monthly and weekly actions and goals
6. Put them somewhere you will always see. Be reminded of them. Don't be led astray

If, like me you are waiting for school to go back do not stress - not long now! Enjoy your 2018.

Monday, 8 January 2018

The Power of a Campfire

Campfire's bring people together. Encourages intimate conversation. Campfire's are wild and cosy at the same time. Radiating warmth and promising relaxation. Around a campfire anything can happen, they are magical, honest and enchanting. 

When was the last time you experienced a campfire - maybe a firepit, bonfire or even a fire place with a strong mantel and chimney. Been mesmerised by the dancing flames. Warmed by it. Maybe used the heat to cook food or marshmallows. Had conversations that were as deep and mysterious as the flames themselves.

Can you build a fire? Starting with small sticks and eventually allowing bigger and bigger and logs on. Maybe you hunted for the sticks and logs, cleaning up the floor of the forest. Have you watched a fire sizzle down to embers, before eventually nothing - a pile of charcoal left where once flames danced.

Have you smelt the fire smell on your clothes - maybe even your camping equipment or in the house. Reminding you of the connections you made with new and old friends and the conversations - wild and crazy, uninhibited.

Maybe you are left with a different way to view life, a new idea or a fresh way to tackle a problem, maybe you laughed so hard you are just left feeling happy. That is part of the magic of a campfire.

As people, we crave conversation with others. We need it to change our thinking, open our minds and become better versions of ourselves. 

Picture yourself stepping up to my campfire with flames dancing and welcoming you. Joining other people who are likeminded, have businesses and want success and growth. Learning a new way to tackle old problems.

That is the Campfire Conversations series and you are welcome to join my life or business stream - come for all sessions or join us for just one. Learn more here

Connect, gain support and learn. 

Monday, 1 January 2018

The key to your success

Welcome to a brand new year. What is in store for you for 2018? Are you excited, scared, ready to step outside your comfort zone?

What help do you need to stay on-track, focused and moving forward with clarity.

Do you need a coach? Check out Rachel's programs here

Maybe you need accountability. If you do then maybe an accountability pod is just for you.

In botanical terms pods protect the seeds until ripe and then split open to reveal them. In animal terms a pod is a group of marine animals (think whales and dolphins) or hippopotamuses who group together for protection, support and socialisation. Are you ready to step into a pod that will help you grow into a successful business?

Are you lacking accountability in your business? Would you like a group of people who will support you and believe in you? But you don't have time or money for masterminds, weekly coaching programs and so on.

Let me introduce you to Accountability Pods. You will meet your pod fellows three times formally over a 10 week period. Expanding your goals, maintaining focus and finally - CELEBRATING!

Pods will be run online through Zoom, with dates being set at the first session. You will be placed in a pod with up to 4 other people where we will match business stage, type and challenges as much as we can. There will be a secret Facebook group created for your pod, which you can use between sessions to bounce ideas, gain motivation or just vent. Remembering giving as well as taking.